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Breaking down the Lyrics on ‘Planet Her ‘ by ‘Doja Cat’

Released: 2021

Label: Kemosabe Records/RCA Records

Featuring: Young Thug, Ariana Grande, The Weeknd, JID, SZA, Eve, Gunna

When Doja Cat dropped ‘Planet Her,’ she affirmed her spot among hip-hop royalty. The 19-track project is an audacious exploration of cosmic love, sexual liberation, and personal identity, all encased within Doja’s signature blend of hip-hop and pop. Featuring the likes of Young Thug, Ariana Grande, JID, and SZA, ‘Planet Her’ is a testament to Doja Cat’s prowess as a lyricist and her ability to tap into the zeitgeist while carving out her own space within it.

From “Payday” to “Naked,” each track is a testament to Doja’s versatility and her ability to effortlessly merge different soundscapes into a cohesive body of work. Her lyrics, intoxicating beats, and unique sound play out like an epic journey through intergalactic realms, with tracks like “Ain’t Shit” and “Options” showcasing her ever-evolving lyrical dexterity.

Standouts like “Love To Dream” and “Been Like This” demonstrate her ability to blend vulnerability and strength, crafting a narrative that is as complex and diverse as the artist herself. Joined by powerhouses such as Ariana Grande on “I Don’t Do Drugs” and SZA on the seductive “Kiss Me More,” Doja Cat’s ‘Planet Her’ is an intriguing study of an artist at the height of her creative powers.

So let’s get into it. From “Woman” to “Why Why,” here are the Breaking down the Lyrics on ‘Planet Her ‘ by ‘Doja Cat’.


It’s an unfiltered anthem of self-love and female empowerment, a straight up ode to femininity. Doja’s lyrical mastery and slick rhymes inject charisma into every bar. When she spits about being the leader and head of all the states, feel her rewriting the script on societal norms, presenting women as leaders and decision-makers. The lines subtly mimic society’s love for binary opposition, showcasing the world’s unjust ignorance towards women’s potential. She flips these expectations, picturing herself as the CEO, the decision-maker, the revolutionary. Remember, Doja ain’t just here to entertain; she’s here to let the world know it ain’t nothing without its goddesses.


Her wordplay is both sultry and playful, oscillating between assertive declarations and coquettish inquiries. It’s a celebration of body positivity and sensual liberation, swaying away from societal norms. She articulates the universal yearning for raw, unfiltered connection, while prioritizing her pleasure and satisfaction. Under the sultry charm, there’s a subtext of control and assertion, asserting the power dynamics in her favor. It’s bold, it’s daring, and it’s quintessentially Doja. She is a provocateur, unafraid of unleashing her female sexuality, continually pushing boundaries and resetting the narrative by asserting control.

Payday (feat. Young Thug)

The song is a celebration of hard-won success, as Doja and Thug throw stacks around, appreciating the money they’ve earned but noting that it’s all for running their teams. With a smooth flow, they lay out the rules of their game — from providing for their crew to enjoying the fruits of their labor. The lyricism has both artists flexing their bilingual skills, speaking in the universal language of currency. Yet, amid the sea of green, they never shy away from expressing their personal desires and ambitions.

Get Into It (Yuh)

It’s an energetic banger that embraces a braggadocious style, flaunting her successful lifestyle and dismissing the haters. With lines dipped in Balenciaga and shades of Ariana Grande, Doja shows she’s rolling with the best. She’s not just rapping about going to church, she’s making it a whole swagger-backed mantra. The flow switch-ups and her playful delivery keeps you hooked line after line. The shout-out to Nicki Minaj, a clear influence, shows recognition to those who paved the way while Doja builds her own lane. Making a mark, she’s turning heads and taking names, with the self-confidence of a true boss. Airhorns to that!

Need to Know

Her verses ooze insatiable thirst, juxtaposed with an assertive demand for respect, pulling no punches on her terms. She struts through bold, sexual manifestos crisscrossing the line between tantalizing vulnerability and unabashed agency. Doja is out here conducting a masterclass in subversive eroticism, flipping the script on gender norms. Her imaginative wordplay – reference to “Alakazam”, the famous illusionist Pokémon, is a coded rebellion against the traditional Madonna-Whore dichotomy. The track is ultra-modern, sassy, and quintessentially Doja, it’s a neon-lit invite into her mind, pushing boundaries while retaining that classic hip-hop bravado.

I Don’t Do Drugs (feat. Ariana Grande)

She plays with the metaphor of love as an addictive substance, giving the track an edge of vulnerability as she admits to chasing that rush. Grande’s vocals add depth, underscoring the track’s emotional resonance. Yet, amidst the introspection, both artists assert their autonomy and strength. They might be head over heels, but they ain’t blind. In the grand chessboard of hip-hop, it’s a powerfully expressive track that blends the raw grit with a hint of pop-infused softness.

Love To Dream

She paints a vivid picture of the tension between fantasy and reality, hinting at the kind of love she’s chasing— it’s real, it’s raw, it’s got depth. The lyrics demonstrate her yearning for legitimacy and substance in a relationship, rejecting the superficial and arbitrary. This track makes it clear that she’s not fantasizing about clichéd romantic escapades but yearns for an earnest connection. The track’s overall vibe is a brooding exploration of solitude and the desire for authenticity in love, underlining that sometimes the façade of perfection can eclipse genuine companionship. It ain’t sugar-sweet cotton candy love she wants, she’s craving something solid. And aren’t we all?

You Right

The lyrics divulge a chaotic mix of loyalty and attraction, mirroring the unsteady beat of an adulterous heart. She’s caught between her man and another, encapsulating the quandary through a vivid portrayal of nervousness and frustration. Her verse doesn’t shy away from the palpable sexual tension, which grows thicker with every note. As she grapples with loyalty, love, and lust, Doja masterfully puts her emotional turmoil on a silver platter, offering listeners a ticket to her roller-coaster ride of sentiments. This ain’t your typical love song—it’s a defiant exploration of human instincts and unruly desires.

Been Like This

She dives deep into emotional turbulence, skillfully narrating the pains of a faltering relationship. Doja’s lyrics paint a vivid picture of love turned sour, filled with heartache and confusion. This hit stands as a testament to her prowess, showing she can turn melancholy into compelling narratives. Doja’s ability to translate complicated feelings into an infectious rhythm underscores her position as one of hip-hop’s most creative voices. “Been Like This” is a clear demonstration of her lyrical prowess, fearlessly tackling relationship tribulations with an emotional rawness that resonates.

Options (feat. JID)

The lyrics are a raw exploration of no-strings-attached relationships, with explicit references to lustful encounters in intimate spaces. Doja is unabashedly fierce, asserting her independence from romantic commitment, while JID drops in with a verse that’s equal parts braggadocio and vulnerability. Displaying a tantalizing interplay of control and desire, the song serves as an anthem for those who dare to embrace their options while navigating the intricate landscape of modern relationships. It’s the kind of lyrical wit that places Doja Cat not just at the core of hip-hop feminism but in the evolving conversation of sexuality in the music industry.

Ain’t Shit

Infused with her fierce feminine energy, Doja brilliantly uses biting sarcasm and ruthless humor to flesh out the narrative. She paints the picture of a deadbeat figure who mooches off his partner, incapable of fulfilling even the most basic obligations. The lyrics also underscore a sense of dismissive empowerment, indicating she’s done tolerating such behavior. This raw and unfiltered portrayal of disappointing relationships echoes the experiences of many, uplifting the track beyond just its catchy beats. It’s more than a song, it’s an anthem for those tired of stepping up for those unwilling to stand.


The rapper’s words illuminate her unapologetic ownership of her journey, embodying the spirit of self-made success and unabashedly flaunting it. Intriguingly, she raises a poignant paradox about how her new lifestyle might alienate her from her audience, becoming ‘un-relatable’ – an unexpected self-awareness amid the bravado. This is the essence of Doja Cat; a multifaceted artist with the power to weave complexities into catchy verses.


Stripping away all the frills, Doja lays her emotions bare, aiming her pen squarely at a lover who thought she’d crumble in his absence. Her lyrics paint a picture of an empowering journey, from being embroiled in the game of love to harnessing the rare strength of solitude. This track is a testament to Doja’s evolution, not just as an artist, but as a woman who’s unafraid to embrace her own company. An anthem for self-love, “Alone” reverberates with the spirit of those who’ve tasted the bitterness of unrequited love and found sweetness in their own resilience.

Kiss Me More (feat. SZA)

SZA)” is Doja Cat’s audacious exploration of youthful infatuation, capturing the essence of craving someone beyond the physical. This joint is a provocative cocktail of candor and allure, blending Doja’s trademark edgy lyricism with a catchy pop-driven hook. It’s all about the defiance of societal standards, a toast to women taking the lead in romantic encounters. Painted with spicy metaphors and laced with sensuality, the track conveys the age-old “kiss and tell” narrative in a fresh, nonchalant demeanor. Yet, Doja never shies away from the complexities of such a romance. It’s a celebration of desire, yet an acknowledgment of the risky business that love often is.

You Right – Extended

The track delves into the internal conflict of loyalty versus temptation, with Doja unabashedly admitting her attraction to another man despite being in a committed relationship. This tangled web of emotions echoes throughout the lyrics, revealing the complexity of the human heart’s desires. The rapper’s innovative approach to lyricism on this track paints an explicit, passionate picture while also highlighting her prowess in capturing her listeners’ attention, pulling them into her musically intricate world of longing and infidelity.

Up And Down

The track finds Doja masterfully exploring highs and lows, painting a vivid picture of the emotional rollercoaster often experienced in the fast lane of her industry – it’s all about the “yo-yo” of life. Lyrically, Doja serves double entendres with impeccably timed delivery, highlighting the inherent struggle of balancing fame and personal life. The song emphasizes the reality of her position – one minute she’s on top, the next she’s feeling the heat. Doja doesn’t shy away from her unfiltered experiences in her lyrics, yielding a tune that is both personal and relatable.

Tonight (feat. Eve)

Eve)” is a resounding demonstration of her genre-bending prowess. By drawing on the vintage R&B vibe, Doja weaves an intricate tale of forbidden desire and secret rendezvous. The track glistens with sensuality and aching longing; Doja’s smooth vocals beg for one stolen night, only amplified by Eve’s seasoned rhymes that continue to play into this narrative of deceit and temptation. Though the lyrics hint at moral ambiguity and risk, they also embody Doja’s unapologetic confidence. The song, much like its lyrics, is a powerful testament to Doja Cat’s ability to create genre-spanning hits that blend traditional hip-hop elements with a decidedly modern twist.


Mirroring the title, the lyrics take us on an emotional roller-coaster, exploring the cyclical nature of her past relationship – a ride that spirals from lofty hope to crushing disappointment. Doja pours out her disillusionment with her partner’s insincerity and lack of transparency. Amid accusations of infidelity and deception, she also reckons with her own self-worth and self-reliance. The song’s dramatic narrative, coupled with its confident delivery, underscores Doja Cat’s knack for expressing complex emotions through catchy, evocative hip-hop bops.

Why Why (feat. Gunna)

The lyrics are a deep dive into the world of a modern woman, not afraid to own her sexuality and teasing her man until he’s almost desperate. Her lyrical prowess shows in the playful yet assertive way she spins her rhymes, a distinct contrast to Gunna’s laid-back rap style. Gunna’s verse adds another layer of narrative, showing the guy’s perspective, voicing his admiration for her ambition and style. This track is a testament to Doja’s ability to empower women to be bold, confident, and unapologetically themselves, a theme resonant throughout the album.

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