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Top 25 A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie Songs: Ranked from All Albums

New York’s own A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie’s vocal artistry comes in many forms and is one who has never shied away from wearing his heart on his sleeve. His music often represents the softer side of the streets, filled with tales of love, loss, and the quest for success. From the celebrated debut project “Artist,” to the critically acclaimed “Hoodie SZN,” and the most recent “Artist 2.0,” A Boogie has proven time and again that his particular brand of melody-infused rap music has a place in the hip-hop landscape.

Chart-toppers like “Swervin” showcase his ability to craft a catchy hook, while deeper cuts like “D.T.B. (Interlude)” expose his lyrical vulnerability. With features from big guns of the industry like Offset, Tyga, Lil Durk, and Young Thug, A Boogie held his own and delivered performances that propelled him to the forefront of new school hip-hop. His collaboration with Roddy Ricch, Gunna, and London On Da Track on “Numbers” also proved he ain’t no sidekick in this game.

In this music maze, we’ll traverse the highs and lows of A Boogie’s discography, dissecting the rhymes, the beats, the hooks, the collaborations, the B-sides, and the remixes – nothing gets overlooked. We’ll peel back the layers on a body of work that is as diverse as it is sonically pleasing. So let’s get into it. From “Take Shots” to “Secrets,” here are the Top 31 A Boogie Songs Ranked from Worst to Best.

25. MVP

“MVP” finds A Boogie in his bag, frontin’ and flexin’. The track serves as a declaration of his hustler attitude – he’s out here putting in work and expects that recognition. The beat slaps hard, but the narrative feels slightly recycled. We’ve seen Boogie stir up the same sentiment in his other tracks, making “MVP” seem somewhat repetitive. Yet, what’s undeniable is the clever wordplay and the infectious hook. Boogie knows how to craft catchy rhymes that hook listeners, and this song’s no exception. Although it does not represent Boogie at his best, “MVP” still holds its own in his discography. It might not be his championship ring, but it surely adds to his credentials in the rap game.

24. Fall in Love

The NY rapper displays his talent for laid-back, melodic delivery. The track’s chill, atmospheric soundscape allows him to experiment with tender harmonies, displaying his softer side that’s often absent amongst the grit and toughness of his other tracks. That being said, the song’s theme, a typical tale of love and heartbreak, feels somewhat overdone in the game. While it’s far from the apex of his discography, “Fall in Love” offers a decent showcase of the versatility that A Boogie brings to the table in the ever-evolving soundscape of hip-hop. Pushing emotions to the forefront, it’s a testament to his ability to bend the traditional boundaries of the genre.

23. Last Time (feat. G Herbo)

An intersection of A Boogie’s knack for melody and G Herbo’s raw Chi-town energy in a street tale about staying true to one’s roots. Boogie’s hook is emotional, as he often is, but there’s an added layer of grit. His verse, filled with regrets and reflections, meets perfectly with Herbo’s reality-driven rhyming. Their contrasting styles give the track a dynamic edge; a blend of Boogie’s Bronx-born vibes with Herb’s Windy City roots. Despite the collaborative genius, it’s not the most memorable in Boogie’s catalog. Without taking anything away from both artists, they’ve individually dropped more potent singles. But, still, peak A Boogie is sprinkled throughout this track, which makes “Last Time” a decent spin but far from his elite cuts.

22. Timeless (feat. DJ SPINKING)

This track, featuring DJ SPINKING, serves up a laid-back vibe that’s right in sync with A Boogie’s style. It rides on a juncture of trap beats and smooth, melodic delivery that A Boogie has been known for, thus marking his artistic development. While it may not punch as hard as his top tracks, it definitely ain’t to be slept on. In an era where hip-hop often chases trends, “Timeless” stands out for just that – its timeless quality. It’s a prime example of how A Boogie carves out his own lane in the hip-hop scene. Yet, as a standalone track, it doesn’t quite hit the upper echelon of his discography. It’s mid, but still a mood.

21. Skeezers

A cautionary tale about the perils of being trapped in the allure of “skeezers,” a term used in certain hip hop circles for women seen seeking financial gain from successful men. The lyrics are a blunt reveal of A Boogie’s paranoia about disloyalty and deception. It lacks the infectious hooks that typify some of his stronger tracks, but its candidness undeniably adds depth to his oeuvre. Musically, it pulls no punches with an atmospheric beat that weaves a grim sonic landscape. While not top-tier A Boogie, “Skeezers” is a solid deep cut that showcases the rapper’s willingness to veer into the uncomfortable and the vulnerable.

20. Numbers (feat. Roddy Ricch, Gunna and London On Da Track)

This is what happens when A Boogie brings his Bronx-bred lyricism to collaborate with the likes of Roddy Ricch, Gunna and London On Da Track. This track is a testament to the fact that hip-hop is a collective effort, and when done right, it creates magic. Roddy Ricch’s smooth delivery paired with Gunna’s Atlanta-style rap and London On Da Track’s production makes for an East meets West collab that’s hard to ignore. However, for a song with such heavyweight features, “Numbers” doesn’t hit as hard as you’d expect. The overall mood is a bit too mellow, the lyrics lack depth, and it doesn’t showcase A Boogie’s full potential. So, in the grand tapestry of A Boogie’s discography, “Numbers” doesn’t rank at the top, but it’s not at the bottom either.

19. Startender (feat. Offset and Tyga)

No lies, this track is a collision of bounce and trap that’ll get any club hyped. That said, A Boogie’s presence sometimes gets overshadowed by Offset and Tyga who both pop off, especially Tyga, who’s on that comeback tip. The production is icy as a winter in the Bronx, but lyrically, it’s a bit basic – we’re talking bottle service and fast cars. No major bars to write home about. Still, it’s a banger and stays true to A Boogie’s style: melodic flows drenched in auto-tune. A club track through and through, but lacking that depth we’ve seen A Boogie tap into on other joints.

18. 24 Hours (feat. Lil Durk)

Featuring Lil Durk in a seamless alliance, flexing their melodic prowess over a slow-burning trap beat. Durk’s seamless transition in the song cements him as one of the formidable voices on the Chicago drill scene. On the other hand, A Boogie’s signature blend of hardcore rap lyricism and a softer R&B undertone is on full display here. While the track does possess an inherent charm, it does not truly push A Boogie’s boundaries as an artist. It falls somewhat in the middle of his discography, neither the pinnacle of his artistry nor an embarrassing misstep. It serves as a reminder of his ability to collaborate effectively while maintaining the essence of his sound.

17. D.T.B. (Interlude)

Landing amongst the middle of our list, this interlude delivers on both lyrical skill and emotional depth, embodying the rawness at the core of A-Boogie’s artistry. The track is an acronym for “Don’t Trust B**ches”, positing both a hardened stance and a broken heart, stewing in its melancholy over lost love and betrayal. It’s a peek into the gritty underbelly of romance in the realm of hip-hop, and A-Boogie doesn’t shy away from revealing his vulnerability. A slice of introspection amidst his catalog of more blatant bangers, this track may be an interlude, but it’s got the power of a headline act.

16. Just Like Me (feat. Young Thug)

A stand-out banger where A Boogie and Thugger join lyrical forces to create a complementary contrast. A Boogie lays down his signature melodic rap style while Young Thug brings an eccentric, yet innovative flair that only he can deliver. The track explores themes of jealousy and successful dating, seeing both artists drop slick lines about their encounters with women. However, it doesn’t quite reach the monumental status of some of A Boogie’s best work. There’s a powerful kinetic energy between the two artists, but it feels slightly underused, and you can’t help but wish they pushed the envelope a little further. It’s a solid song, but one that doesn’t fully explore the duo’s collaborative potential.

15. Love Drugs and Sex

Droppin’ as part of his second studio album, “Hoodie SZN”, this joint delves into the complexities of a love entwined with substance abuse. The track has that quintessential A Boogie’s melancholic vibe, with his auto-tuned vocals riding over a gloomy trap beat. However, the bars lack the gut-punching emotion we usually expect from him. It feels like Boogie is caught in a rut of repetitive themes here, which makes this track low-key forgettable in the grand scheme of his discography. Aight, it ain’t terrible, but Boogie’s undoubtedly delivered better heat than this.

14. Man in the Mirror

This track is the Highbridge maestro at his most reflective, laying bare his vulnerabilities while exploring the man staring back at him. It’s a departure from his usual braggadocio, offering a sobering glimpse into the mental turmoil that fame can bring. A Boogie’s flow is a mirror in itself, reflecting the poetic ebb and flow of his struggles and triumphs. Yet, it’s not without its shortcomings, mostly lying in its unpolished hooks that somewhat dilutes the rawness of its narrative. Still, the song stands as a testament to A Boogie’s ability to bare his soul on the mic, making it a must-listen in his catalogue.

13. Her Birthday

The track isn’t his most famous, but it’s a solid example of his knack for emotionally charged storytelling. A Boogie is always at his best when he’s combining trap beats with smooth R&B vibes, and that’s exactly what “Her Birthday” delivers. Despite its mid-ranking position, this track carries its weight and reminds us why A Boogie remains a notable force in hip-hop. It’s not his hardest-hitting tune, but it’s a well-rounded representation of his work – intimate, personal, and packed with the sort of raw honesty that’s won him fans across the globe.

12. Demons and Angels (feat. Juice WRLD)

Teaming up with the raw, emotional rhythms of the late Juice WRLD, sits comfortable at number #12 on this list. It’s a track soaked in a melancholic ambience, reflecting on the struggles both have faced, painting an image of a chaotic inner world full of ‘demons’ and ‘angels’. The chorus is hauntingly resonant, amplified by Juice WRLD’s posthumous presence. While it might not pack the same punch as higher-ranked songs, it stands as a stark reminder of Juice WRLD’s immense talent and a testament to A Boogie’s willingness to reveal the darkness within, giving us a track infused with both despair and hope.

11. MVP (feat. G-Eazy)

A tag team comrade over an icy beat where the Bronx rapper and the Bay Area’s finest try to outpace each other on their way to the top. G-Eazy’s confident swagger balances A Boogie’s melodic flow, and while G-Eazy has his moments here, A Boogie’s happier in his bag, undeniably riding the beat with more precision. It’s a commercial cut, sure, but it’s also Boogie showing he can rub shoulders with the big boys and not lose his step. Still, it’s not his most lyrical or soulful, so it makes sense to rank this one in the middle, it’s the Bronx champ proving he can play in the big leagues but with other tracks that hit a deeper chord.

10. Booby Trap

Showing his prowess at creating infectious hooks. Despite its catchy beat, it’s far from his most compelling work. The lyrics often feel pretty clichéd, lacking the kind of depth found in the top cuts on this list. While it’s far from a throwaway track, it fails to show off the true versatility of the artist. It’s light on the storytelling approach or emotional depth that fans have come to expect from A Boogie. Overall, an enjoyable track but it’s more of a catchy radio jam than a lyrically potent A Boogie classic.

9. Me and My Guitar

The Highbridge native lets his heart bleed all over this track, creating an anthem that demonstrates his skill at blending hip-hop with other genres. The chord progression and simple drum pattern lay a smooth foundation, but it’s A Boogie’s emotive delivery that keeps you hooked. This ain’t just another trap anthem, it’s a look into the life of a man grappling with fame and personal losses. While some may argue it’s not peak A Boogie, the track does shine a light on his musical evolution, making it a standout cut in his discography. As A Boogie himself would say, it’s “different”.

8. Swervin (feat. 6ix9ine)

“Swervin (feat. 6ix9ine)” is a track that slaps in ways that are difficult to ignore. The high-octane bars coupled with the undeniably catchy production propel this track straight into any hip-hop lover’s replay list. Now, we gotta be straight – the inclusion of 6ix9ine draws a divisive line in the hip-hop community due to his off-the-mike antics, but undeniably, the dude knows how to lay down a verse that gets the crowd going wild. There are moments in “Swervin” that make you feel like you’re cruising through the Bronx late at night, feeling invincible. But its ranking in our list is impacted by A Boogie’s stronger solo records, showcasing the depth of his artistry. The thing we can’t argue about is that “Swervin” made a mark.

7. Jungle

“Jungle,” oh, this joint right here is pure uncut! A deeply personal narrative from A Boogie. It’s simply the raw experience of a young man navigating the gritty streets of High Bridge, Bronx – his own concrete jungle. But it ain’t just about survival, nah, it’s about the grind, the hustle that surges deep within. The storytelling, set to an infectious melody, invites you into his world, unveiling struggles, love lost, and the relentless will to rise above. The song’s impact on his career can’t be overstated; it was a defining moment, transforming A Boogie from a local sensation to a major player in the game. That’s why “Jungle” slaps hard – it’s not just music, it’s lived experience. One of the realest joints on A Boogie’s catalogue, no question about it!

6. Did Me Wrong

“Did Me Wrong” from A Boogie’s catalogue ranks high on our list, and for good reason. It’s a track that encapsulates the emotional depth and vocal versatility that he brings to his music – a true testament to his relevance in the hip-hop game. The piano-laden, haunting beat underscores A Boogie’s heartbroken lyrics, making it a standout among his discography. There’s an honesty and candidness in this song that marks a shift in his typical club banger style. Peeping the slick bars and the raw delivery, you can’t help but nod along to the heartfelt emotion. “Did Me Wrong” speaks volumes about A Boogie’s ability to craft relatable narratives, showing that hip-hop is as much about storytelling as it is about swagger.

5. Still Think About You

Off A Boogie’s debut mixtape ‘Artist’, is a cut that digs deeper into the heartache and pits of introspection. Despite charting in the middle of this rundown, don’t get it twisted, that doesn’t undermine its quality by any measure. This track shined a light on the more melancholic, emotionally charged corner of Boogie’s repertoire, with its soul-baring lyrics and heart-tugging instrumentals. Boogie juxtaposes his pain with the sense of betrayal, making you bop your head and shed a tear at the same time. This song ain’t just another banger, y’all. It’s a certified musical therapy session.

4. Look Back at It

4th on our line-up, A Boogie wit da Hoodie’s “Look Back at It” strikes a chord, figuratively and literally. Not just a nod but a full-court press to the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. A Boogie flips a sample from MJ’s “You Rock My World” with finesse, merging it into a sorrow-drenched love lament. The BX MC contemplates lost love that’s so tough, it can make the hardest street cat in Timberlands get misty-eyed. The clever use of auto-tune adds a layer of vulnerability that’s hard to shake off. It’s a confluence of hip-hop heartache with a distinctive pop lilt. Lines like “And she looked back at it, Lord, I don’t know” hits home the agony of not knowing where love stands.

3. My Shit

Spittin’ raw lyrical narratives like it’s second nature, commanding respect both for his dynamic flow and his talent for storytelling. A certified banger, this joint serves as a testament to A Boogie’s unique style, a blend of the melodic and the gritty that sets him apart in the hip-hop landscape. The beat bangs, but it’s the genuine emotion in A Boogie’s delivery that hits hardest. This is introspective rap at its finest, bringing listeners into the world of a rapper who’s not afraid to show vulnerability and complexity. “My Shit” ranks high not only as a showcase of A Boogie’s skills, but as an embodiment of what hip-hop can and should be – raw, real, and emotionally resonant.

2. Drowning (feat. Kodak Black)

Without a doubt one of the dopest tracks A Boogie has ever dropped, sitting high on the list at number two. This joint is certified diamond in the streets, boasting a haunting piano riff and A Boogie’s syrupy flow that perfectly encapsulates the pain behind the bravado. The lyrical content is some of his deepest, revolving around the metaphor of drowning in money, yet suffocating under the pressure of success and betrayals that come with it. Kodak Black’s raspy verses add flavor and an edgy momentum to the mix. The single’s sick beat and poignant lyrics put it straight into hip-hop’s hall of fame, sealing A Boogie’s place in the game. A track that swings hard between the lows and highs of the rap life.

1. Secrets

A Boogie closes out our list at the top spot with this banger. Deftly weaving his words through a moody beat, he spills his heart and paints a vivid narrative. The storytelling in this track is A Boogie at his best, revealing tales of past mistakes, love lost, and the toll being in the public eye can take. The way dude can switch from a melodic flow to hard-hitting bars shows the dexterity of his lyricism. It’s a prime example of why he’s held in such high regard in the rap game. In “Secrets”, A Boogie illustrates the complexity of his character, making it not only the best in his discography but also a must-have in any hip-hop playlist. A true testament to his stature in the game. Straight up.

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