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The Best 21 Savage Solo Tracks of All Time

With a distinctive voice that weaves narratives of street wisdom, personal struggles, and triumphs, his catalog is a testament to the raw, unfiltered essence of trap music. Collaborating with heavy hitters like J. Cole on “a lot,” Post Malone on “all my friends,” and Childish Gambino on “12.38” from his “3.15.20” album, 21 Savage stretches the boundaries of his sound. Moreover, his ability to blend introspective content with hard-hitting beats positions him as a versatile artist who transcends the typical trap tropes. Whether it’s the introspection of “letter to my brudda” or the ruthless energy of “Red Opps,” Savage’s style is undeniably captivating.

So let’s get into it. From song Immortal to song redrum, here are the best ’21 Savage’ Solo Tracks of All Time.

1 redrum


Released: 2024

The song’s title, ‘redrum,’ which is ‘murder’ spelled backwards, encapsulates its ominous vibes. This track doesn’t shy away from the darker facets of Savage’s world, detailing a life where trust is scarce and loyalty is tested. A standout line, “G Block, all we know is redrum, Redrum, redrum, redrum, redrum,” underscores the cycle of violence that’s almost inescapable in the environment Savage describes. Through his vivid storytelling, 21 Savage delivers a raw, unfiltered look into a life marred by survival tactics, underscoring the harsh realities of those living on the edge.

2 all of me


Released: 2024

Through his vivid storytelling, 21 paints a picture of a journey marred by violence, trust issues, and the weight of his past, yet underscored by a relentless hustle and survival instinct. A standout line that encapsulates the essence of the track is, “See, my shooter pescatarian, but he eat up all the beef (21) You gave me your ass to kiss, but want the all of me (goddamn)”. This lyric not only highlights the street warfare and personal betrayals he faces but also underscores the complex demand for authenticity amidst survival.

3 ball w/o you


Released: 2018

Stripping back the bravado often heard in hip-hop, Savage opts for a raw, introspective examination of loyalty versus love—an ongoing motif in his work. The track marries melancholic beats with Savage’s cold, steady flow, a stark reminder of the pain that betrayal can bring. “I gave you my all, you was my dawg, I would have went to war with the world on your call.” This line encapsulates the essence of the song, highlighting the deep sense of betrayal Savage feels, undercut with a resolute declaration of independence and resilience.

4 a lot


Released: 2018

It’s a meditation on success, loss, and the human cost of both, highlighted by the haunting refrain that echoes the song’s title, questioning everything from wealth to betrayal. The track stands out not just for its lyrical depth but also for its introspection and the raw honesty of Savage’s delivery. One standout line that encapsulates the essence of the song is, “Penitentiary chances just to make a couple bucks / My heart so cold I could put it in my cup”, reflecting on the sacrifices and the cold realities of his past life. “a lot” resonates deeply, serving as a reflection on personal growth amid adversity.

5 sneaky


Released: 2024

21 Savage’s raw narrative on the track paints a picture of a life where discretion meets opulence, further emphasized when he spits, “Every time we link, it be sneaky, all my hoes clean, niggas squeaky”. Through these lines, he delivers a candid take on relationships and status, highlighting a world where secrecy is synonymous with prestige, and trust is as valuable as the designer threads enveloping the scene. The undercurrent of dominance in his lyrics, juxtaposed with a laid-back beat, creates a track that’s as much about power as it is about pleasure.

6 Bank Account


Released: 2017

The hook is simple yet unforgettable, as the rapper counts his millions, turning a bank account statement into a menacing flex. It’s a declaration of how far he’s come, from the streets to significant wealth, yet it’s tinged with the realities of the life that got him there. The standout line, “I got 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 M’s in my bank account, yeah (on God)”, hits hard not just for its depiction of wealth but for symbolizing a shift from survival to a position of power. “Bank Account” serves as both a banger and a narrative of transformation, wrapped in the unmistakable 21 Savage style.

7 see the real


Released: 2024

The lyrics are a stark reflection of Savage’s life and the lives of those he grew up with, emphasizing how success and wealth haven’t dulled the pain or changed the game. It’s about staying true amidst the fakes, where disloyalty is met with harsh consequences, and survival often means sticking with those you know best, regardless of their ambitions. The line “When you tell somebody no, you see the real in ’em” hits hard, encapsulating the essence of the song and serving as a chilling reminder of the true costs of trust and betrayal in Savage’s world.

8 letter to my brudda


Released: 2024

It’s a somber reflection on the complexities of brotherhood within the confines of the struggle, emphasizing the pain of watching close ones turn their backs during hard times. The track resonates with those familiar with the weight of survival amidst adversity. A standout line, “I watched everybody turn on my brother like he ain’t have ’em out here flyin’ jets and fuckin’ bitches”, poignantly underscores the disillusionment and betrayal felt, serving as a stark reminder of loyalty’s fleeting nature in the face of hardship.

9 can’t leave without it


Released: 2018

The track, marked by its haunting beat, showcases Savage’s unflinching gaze into the life he’s lived and the boundaries he’s crossed to get to where he is today. One standout line, “Back in the day I used to rob with no mask on”, gives a raw glimpse into the rapper’s past, starkly contrasting his current success and the heavy price of safety and survival in the game. This song isn’t just about flaunting wealth; it’s a deeper narrative on the insecurities that come with it, making “can’t leave without it” resonate with those who understand the dualities of desperation and success.

10 Immortal


Released: 2019

This track is a testament to 21 Savage’s growth as an artist, delivering lines that hit hard and leave an impact. Verses are laced with references to violence and loyalty, showing his unyielding nature and the lengths he’ll go for his crew. A standout line, “21 immortal, we’ll never die”, encapsulates the essence of the song, projecting an image of eternal presence in the game, underscored by undying bonds of brotherhood.

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