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Top 12 Best Young Thug Songs including Collabs Ranked from Worst to Best

With a raw, unpredictable style, Young Thug stepped into the hip-hop scene significantly shifting the paradigms of this genre. His off-kilter vocal style, which often flirts with the boundaries of auto-tuned melody and unfiltered expressiveness, has graced some of hip-hop’s most monumental collaborative tracks, cementing his place as an innovative force in the scene. Honing his craft through impeccably crafted singles and a number of milestone albums, his discography, filled with dynamism and vibrancy, is a testament to his versatility.

His expansive range has allowed him to collaborate with some of the biggest names in the industry, including the likes of Lil Uzi Vert, Drake, Future, and Travis Scott among others. Remember the fiery, idiosyncratic chemistry of Young Thug and Gunna on ‘Hot’ or the melodic masterpiece of ‘pick up the phone’ with his undeniable chemistry with Travis Scott? Then there’s the ethereal ‘Digits’, where he effortlessly merges rap and sing-song rhythm, offering a different flavor of his musical prowess. Young Thug’s strength lies not only in his unmistakable individualism but also in his ability to morph within the structure of the songs of his collaborators, never losing his distinctiveness.

His unconventional sonic structure, lyrical innovation, and collaborative versatility make him truly one of hip-hop’s most exciting artists of the present era. As we rank his top tracks, we shall delve into his discography filled with obvious hits, overlooked gems and deeper cuts that span his incredible career.

So let’s get into it. From the hypnotic ‘Hellcat Kenny’ to the punchy ‘Oh U Went,’ here are the Top 12 Young Thug Songs Ranked from Worst to Best.

12. Hellcat Kenny (feat. Lil Uzi Vert)

Hellcat Kenny, with Lil Uzi Vert, is a somber track that sits at the bottom of this Young Thug list. While it has elements of Thugger’s signature off-kilter lyricism and Uzi’s melodic prowess, it doesn’t quite add up to the sum of its parts. The track lacks the manic energy and innovative production we’ve come to expect from these two titans of the Atlanta scene. While it’s by no means a swing and a miss, it’s not the home run we know they’re capable of. Still, even lesser Thug is worth the listen for its oddball ingenuity.

11. Wit Da Racks (feat. 21 Savage, Travis Scott & Yak Gotti)

At number 11, we have “Wit Da Racks”. Now, this jam isn’t Thug’s finest hour, y’all. Granted, it’s got high-profile features – 21 Savage, Travis Scott, and Yak Gotti. They each bring their own flavor, but the song just fails to smash that hip-hop piñata. The beat is bumping, no doubt, and it’s got that signature Young Thug swag, but it lacks that grit, that edge that truly defines Thugger at his best. It’s no “Stoner”, that’s for sure. The verses aren’t quite as memorable, and the chorus just doesn’t have that same seismic impact. It’s not a total miss, but in the realm of Young Thug, “Wit Da Racks” just can’t compete with the heavy hitters.

10. Parade on Cleveland (feat. Drake)

“Parade on Cleveland”, an engagement between Young Thug and Drake, is the battle cry for Thug’s hometown of Atlanta. It’s a decent track, but sits low on our list. The beat’s 808-heavy pattern gives it an undeniable southern charm. Yet, the tune lacks that creative flair we’ve come to expect from both Thug and Drizzy; it seems pedestrian in comparison to their other collaborations. Thug’s unique vocal nuances are slightly underutilized here and even Drake’s verse isn’t groundbreaking. Instead of a parade, it feels more like a modest gathering. Not a bad song, just not the best from these two powerhouses. It’s a reminder that even the most significant players in the game can sometimes drop the ball.

9. Bad Bad Bad (feat. Lil Baby)

Coming at number 9, “Bad Bad Bad” featuring Lil Baby, stands as an undeniable banger. From off Thugger’s ‘So Much Fun’ LP, it demonstrates the synergy these Atlanta natives share when they hit the studio. Thug floats effortlessly on the high-energy beat with his off-kilter melodies, and Lil Baby, oft compared to a younger, grittier Thug, complements him with a distinctive style that veers towards street tales and rap bravado. Yet, despite its undeniable appeal, “Bad Bad Bad” doesn’t quite reach the innovation or emotional resonance of Thug’s best work. It’s a solid club anthem and a commendable showing for both artists, but within the context of Thug’s expansive discography, it’s not peak Slime.

8. Digits

“Digits” holdin’ steady in the mid-section of this Thugger countdown – ain’t no accident, fam. This cut from 2016’s “Slime Season 3” sees Young Thug spitting cold reality about the brutality of street life, laced with that signature eccentric flow. The atmospheric, minimalist production by London on da Track only adds to the neurasthenic, dreamlike vibe of this track. Thugger delves deep into the torment of the ‘hood, portraying the desperation for that guap, hinting at the wider systemic issues at play, ya feel me? It ain’t his best work lyrically, but Thug’s play with melodic cadence and rhythm is the real star on “Digits.” The track bends genre boundaries, elevating Thug’s trademark vocal gymnastics to a whole new level.

7. Relationship (feat. Future)

This is a bona fide jewel in Thugger’s discography. A track where Young Thug and Future turn up the heat and showcase their uncanny musical chemistry, it’s become one of the defining anthems for the Atlanta duo. These two ATLiens serve us a head-bobbing beat that’s pure syrupy trap goodness, and their bars, brimming with braggadocio ‘n’ flexing, create an infectious vibe that’s hard to resist. Despite this, I ain’t gon’ front – the track does fall short in its lyrical depth. It’s more of a guilty pleasure than a profound lyrical masterpiece. But hey, it’s still a dope jam that’s sure to get any hip-hop fan turnt up. So, props where props are due, ya feel me?

6. Bubbly (with Drake & Travis Scott)

Teaming up with Drake and Travis Scott comes in at 6 on this list, and lemme tell you why. See, Thugger’s in his bag here, spitting bars with an aggression and elasticity that only he can do. And then you have Drizzy and La Flame coming in hot, each with their unique flows, adding layers to the sonic landscape. The beat is a head-nodding banger, but that’s not even the best part. What takes the cake is Thug’s chorus, bouncing over the beat with a cadence so infectious it’ll live rent-free in your head. But, truth be told, it feels like it could’ve hit harder. Despite the star-studded line-up, “Bubbly” falls short of being a straight-up classic in Thug’s discography. Still a heater. Just not the hottest.

5. pick up the phone

Puttin’ respect on “pick up the phone,” homie, ain’t an option – it’s mandatory. This 2016 collab with Travis Scott and Quavo got Thug jumpin’ off the top rope into the mainstream. The track is a masterclass in hip-hop synergy, with all three artists blending their distinctive styles into a cohesive anthem of longing and lust. Thugger’s unique vocal elasticity finds a comfy crib against a backdrop of smooth, melodic production. Lyrically, dude throws a curveball with surprising candidness about relationship dynamics, cementing the song’s lasting appeal. Critics might peg it as basic, pop-infused trap, but don’t trip – “pick up the phone” is a banger that elevated Young Thug’s standing in the game, no cap.

4. Livin It Up (with Post Malone & A$AP Rocky)

“Livin It Up”, the powerhouse collaboration with Post Malone and A$AP Rocky, takes the third spot in our countdown. This standout cut serves as an embodiment of the hip-hop zeitgeist, where Thugger’s distinctive howling voice coalesces seamlessly with Posty’s melodic hooks and Rocky’s grounded verses. The track weaves a narrative of hedonistic excess, steeped in late-night vibes, further cemented by soaring synths and crisp 808s. It’s Young Thug in his element, unapologetically embracing his niche of ad-lib fueled flows and disjointed verse structure. Yet, despite its undeniable appeal, it doesn’t quite challenge Thug’s full capabilities, landing it in a respectable, but not earth-shattering, third place on our list.

3. Hot (feat. Gunna)

A collab with Gunna, finds Young Thug in top-notch form, spitting flamethrower-hot verses that ignite the track. Gunna’s laid-back flow provides a smooth contrast to Thugger’s erratic rhythms, making for an infectious joint that vibrates with raw energy and impeccable chemistry. The beat, a seductive mix of delicate hi-hats and echoing flutes, serves as the perfect backdrop for this unforgettable back-and-forth. However, as scorching as “Hot” is, it lacks some of the innovation that has defined Young Thug’s most iconic tracks. It doesn’t quite push boundaries or break new grounds. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s a solid joint that stands as a testament to Thug’s inarguable competence and Gunna’s promise.

2. Hot (Remix) [feat. Gunna and Travis Scott]

A sonic remix that takes Thugger’s original track and boosts it to a new level of lush hysteria. The addition of Travis Scott is a coup, as his auto-tune drenched vocals add a necessary edge to the already flamboyant production. It’s important to mention that Gunna’s performance also shouldn’t be slept on — the chemistry between him and Thug is ever-present, translating into an enchanting trading of verses. Sonically, the booming 808s, haunting synths, and sharp hi-hats work together to create a soundscape that’s a testament to the luxurious trap beats that have become a staple in Thug’s repertoire. In short, it’s a star-studded affair that proves why Thug is one of the kings of Atlanta’s hip-hop scene.

1. Oh U Went (feat. Drake)

Thugger’s gift for melody is in full effect on “Oh U Went,” featuring Drake, the best cut on this list. The track is an emotionally charged banger that showcases Thug’s versatility as he smoothly transitions between rapping and singing. It’s potent with Thug’s signature eccentric flow and engaging wordplay. Meanwhile, Drake swoops in with his solid verse, adding another layer of depth to the track. While it may not have the commercial appeal some of the other tracks on this list do, “Oh U Went” has enough raw emotion and lyrical prowess to earn its place at the top. Ain’t no cap; the sheer poetry of the song reveals the genius of Young Thug. From the ATL to the 6, it’s a hip-hop masterpiece.

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