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The Best Fuerza Regida Songs of All Time

As one of the trailblazers in the urban corridos movement, Fuerza Regida has etched a distinct influence on the hip-hop landscape through a unique blend of musical styles. Operating outside of mainstream confines, they’ve built a comprehensive discography that’s brimming with raw, unfiltered narrations of life’s realities. From their early offerings in their ‘Del Barrio Hasta Aqui’ album to the profound reflections contained in ‘Adictos’, they have become formidable narrators of street-life chronicles. They’ve been able to infuse a sonic blend of hip-hop into their music, thereby redefining the corridos genre and appealing to a broad audience.

We must also take a moment to appreciate their album ‘En Vivo: Desde el Nokia Theater’, a body of work that oozes raw energy, demonstrating their ability to captivate live audiences just as powerfully as in the studio.

So let’s get into it. From HARLEY QUINN to SABOR FRESA, here are the best Fuerza Regida songs ranked by fan votes.



Ah, “Harley Quinn“… with lyrics like “A mi nadie me cuida, yo soy mi propio joker” (Nobody takes care of me, I’m my own Joker), Fuerza Regida flips the gender narrative, placing themselves as their own hero – a daring and brilliant twist in a genre known for its machismo.



Fuerza Regida convey a sense of rebellion and refusal to be boxed in by societal norms. The swagger and self-assurance embedded in the verses exemplify the group’s dedication to authenticity and individualism, highly regarded principles in the hip-hop canon.



Telling a tale of passionate love, Fuerza Regida uses the vibrant imagery of a strawberry-flavored kiss to convey a sense of forbidden sweetness, a motif that resonates with any listener who’s experienced a clandestine love affair. The track showcases their storytelling finesse, spinning a lyrical narrative that brilliantly conjures the emotional complexity of street love.



The lyrics “una cerveza pa’ calmar las penas” (A beer to calm the sorrows) capturing the essence of finding solace in life’s mundane moments, an often-explored theme in rap, but rarely in Corrido, showing Fuerza Regida’s ability to push the genre’s boundaries.



The lyrics paint a vivid picture of indulgence – “ando como quiero, destapo botellas”, translating to “I do what I want, I uncork bottles”. This is a nod to the classic hip-hop trope of enjoying life’s excesses. The assertive refrain –“hay más culos que estrellas” meaning “there are more asses than stars”– underpins the theme of abundance and choice, highlighting the unabashed, luxuriant lifestyle of the artist.



The track’s lyrics talk about the high life, relishing in luxuries and vices, with references to high fashion and a BM, suggesting a sense of acquired wealth. There’s a raw hustle in this song, hinted at by phrases like “Haciendo feria, consigna de Iván y vienen,” representing the grind and the mindset of the streets.

Ch y la Pizza


The song weaves a narrative about friendship, good times, and, of course, pizza – a unique subject matter in the Corrido genre that resonates with listeners on a different, more relatable level. That’s what makes Ch y la Pizza such a great track.

Igualito a Mi Apá


Beyond the head-nodding beats, the song’s lyrical depth shines, filled with reflections on generational influence, personal growth, and the gritty realities of life. It’s introspective and poignant, a testament to Fuerza Regida’s talent for infusing their music with narratives that resonate with their audience.

Bebe Dame


It’s a heartfelt confession of love and longing, counterbalancing the often bravado-laden narrative of their other tracks. The lyrics of “Bebe Dame” strike a chord with listeners who appreciate the vulnerability and raw emotion wrapped in Fuerza Regida’s signature style.



The song’s lyrics paint a vivid picture of a wild party setting, laden with references to high-end fashion labels and indulgence. There’s a hint of bravado as the lyrics reflect the group’s boastful tales of excess and hedonism, coupled with the dark undercurrents of the drug trade. It’s a no-holds-barred reflection of the chaotic lifestyle they’ve come to be known for in their music.

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