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Andre 3000 vs Black Thought: Who’s The Greater Lyricist?

Unlike pop music, the hip-hop scene is exceptionally rich with talented wordsmiths. Which opens the debate over who stands as the paramount lyricist. In hip-hop, especially, lyricism is a cornerstone that separates the good from the legendary. As we delve into this intricacy, we find a vast range of skills that encompass lyricism. These include mastery in rhyme schemes, innovative vocabulary, captivating storytelling, and dynamic phrasing – all contributing to the essence of a great rapper.

This discussion brings us to a compelling comparison: Andre 3000 and Black Thought, two luminaries of hip-hop, each with a unique approach to the craft.

In evaluating these artists, we acknowledge that lyricism encompasses a variety of elements that define a rapper’s performance, including:

Rhyme Placement: Are the rhymes restricted to expected spots like the end of lines, or does the rapper mix it up to maintain audience engagement with unexpected rhyme placements?

  • Rhyme Types: Is the rhyming limited to common word pairings, or does it extend to connecting unconventional words and ideas?
  • Vocabulary: Does the rapper exhibit a broad range of vocabulary? Are the words used in novel or inventive ways?
  • Phrasing (Flow): Often termed as “flow,” this aspect deals with how the rapper aligns their rhythm with the music. Do they rap in sync with the beat, lag behind, or push ahead? It also includes the rhythmic choices in the delivery of lyrics.
  • Wordplay: What is the extent of the rapper’s use of language tricks like puns, humor, allusions, and references?
  • Storytelling: Is the rapper capable of constructing narratives that are not only coherent and detailed but also engaging and captivating to the listener?

Placement of Rhymes

Andre’s rhyme placement is anything but predictable. He often employs unconventional structures, weaving rhymes within lines rather than just at their end. This technique keeps listeners on their toes, exemplified in tracks like “Elevators (Me & You),” where his rhymes twist and turn in unexpected ways.

Similarly, Black Thought’s rhyme placement is masterful. He’s known for stacking rhymes in dense, layered patterns, often using internal rhymes to create a rhythmic complexity that is both challenging and engaging. His work in “Web” from “The Tipping Point” album is a prime example of this skill.

Types of Rhymes

Andre’s rhyming is notable for its creativity. He often pairs words that aren’t typically rhymed, bringing a fresh perspective to his verses. His use of slant rhymes and multisyllabic patterns in songs like “Aquemini” showcases his ability to connect seemingly unrelated words and ideas.

Black Thought excels in complex rhyme schemes, often using multisyllabic and internal rhymes that display his deep understanding of language. In tracks like “Make My,” he rhymes entire lines with each other, demonstrating a high level of technical proficiency.


Andre’s vocabulary is extensive and varied, allowing him to express complex ideas and emotions uniquely. His word choice often ventures beyond the common lexicon, as seen in “The Love Below” album, where he experiments with language to create vivid imagery and express intricate thoughts.

Known for his intellectual approach, Black Thought’s vocabulary is both expansive and precise. He uses a wide array of words to convey his messages, often delving into socio-political themes with a lexicon that is both educated and streetwise, as evident in “Undun.”

Phrasing (Flow)

Andre 3000 is known for his dynamic and fluid phrasing. His flow can shift from smooth and melodic to rapid and choppy, often within the same verse. This adaptability is showcased in songs like “B.O.B,” where he seamlessly moves with the beat, sometimes syncopating to create a unique rhythmic pattern.

Black Thought’s phrasing is remarkably consistent, characterized by a steady, rhythmic flow that complements the beat. He is adept at both fast-paced delivery and a more measured, poignant style. His performance in “The Seed (2.0)” demonstrates his ability to match his flow with varying musical backdrops, always staying rhythmically intricate.


Andre’s wordplay is playful, often filled with double entendres, puns, and clever allusions. He has a knack for turning phrases on their head, imbuing them with humor and wit, as evident in “Roses,” where he plays with language in a way that is both entertaining and thought-provoking.

Black Thought’s wordplay is densely packed with metaphors, allusions, and references that often require multiple listens to fully appreciate. His lyrics in “Thought @ Work” are a testament to this, offering a rich tapestry of clever wordplay that intertwines with his narratives and themes.


Andre is a master storyteller, capable of creating vivid, emotional narratives within his music. His storytelling is often personal and introspective, weaving tales that resonate on a deep, emotional level. “Da Art of Storytellin’” is a prime example, where he narrates engaging and poignant stories that capture the listener’s imagination.

Black Thought excels in crafting coherent, detailed narratives that often reflect on broader social issues. His storytelling is insightful, layered, and delivered with a precision that enhances the impact of the narrative. Songs like “Sleep” demonstrate his ability to tell compelling stories that are both personal and reflective of larger societal themes.

Who Wears the Crown?

Choosing between Andre 3000 and Black Thought is challenging, as both have made indelible marks on hip-hop in their ways. Andre 3000’s ingenuity and ability to blend a wide range of musical influences into his rap set him apart as a visionary artist. Black Thought’s unwavering commitment to the core tenets of hip-hop and his exceptional skill as a lyricist makes him a titan in the genre.

In the end, if one must be crowned, it might lean towards Black Thought for his sheer consistency in lyrical excellence and maintaining a high caliber of rap purity. However, this in no way diminishes the incredible artistry and influence of Andre 3000, whose contributions to hip-hop have been nothing short of revolutionary.

The debate between Andre 3000 and Black Thought is more than a comparison of two artists; it’s a reflection of the diverse and rich tapestry of hip-hop itself. While we may lean towards one, the truth is, both these artists have enriched the world of music in their unique ways. Their legacy is a reminder of the power of words and the endless possibilities within the art of rap.

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