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Top 15 Best Doja Cat Songs of All Time

Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamin, known to the hip-hop world as Doja Cat, is a vivacious talent who embodies the kaleidoscopic range of the genre. She came onto the scene with a blend of hip-hop, R&B, pop, and electronic music, making waves with her debut “Amala” and follow-up “Hot Pink.” Her third studio album, “Planet Her,” solidified her place in the annals of hip-hop royalty, showcasing her uncanny knack for genre blending and her broad creative palette.

What sets Doja Cat apart is not just her ability to jump across genres, but her lyrical prowess and delivery, which tackle everything from self-affirmation to social commentary, all wrapped in irresistible hooks and unforgettable beats.

So let’s get into it. From “So High” to “Paint The Town Red”, here are the Top 15 Best Doja Cat songs of all time.

15. So High

This stoner anthem, coming in at #15, is a dope exploration of love and intoxication. Interweaving the artist’s woozy, mesmerizing vocals with a smooth trap-influenced beat, “So High” showcases Doja in her element, experimenting with her sound, flow, and lyrics. It’s about an intense romantic connection that feels as heady and disorienting as a drug-induced high. Poetic and audacious, these lyrics encapsulate Doja Cat‘s spirit, free-spirited, rebellious, and unapologetically herself.

14. Tia Tamera (feat. Rico Nasty)

An irresistible collaboration with Rico Nasty, the track is a testament to Doja Cat’s uncanny ability to flip traditional hip-hop and trap conventions on their heads, creating something novel and thoroughly her own. From the opening bar, Doja and Rico dominate the track, providing a relentless exploration of their identities in a way that is as much empowering as it is entertaining.

13. Get Into It (Yuh)

The song is a vibrant blend of spunky vocals and catchy beats, capturing the quintessential Doja Cat style that fans have come to expect. Lyrically, “Get Into It (Yuh)” is a celebration of playful braggadocio and self-assuredness. Doja Cat breezily flaunts her success, revels in her wealth, and calls out the haters, all with a tongue-in-cheek humor that’s uniquely her own. The “Yuh” in the title is a playful nod to rapper Playboi Carti’s high-pitched ad-lib, with further homage’s to Nicki Minaj throughout the song, further emphasizing Doja’s cultural savvy.

12. Ain’t Shit

Doja leverages her signature blend of sass and wit to call out these individuals while narrating her personal experiences and observations. It’s a battle cry against the casual dismissal of women’s feelings and a wake-up call for those guys who think they’re irreplaceable. The track stands out for its directness, refusing to sugarcoat the struggles faced by many women in their relationships.

11. Wine Pon You (feat. Konshens)

The lyrics are an anthem to female empowerment, independence, and sexual liberation. Doja cultivates an image of a confident, seductive woman who is not seeking a man, but rather indulging in the thrill of the dancefloor. The lyrical content in “Wine Pon You” is layered with Konshens’ dancehall patois, painting a vivid, multifaceted picture of a woman asserting her sexual command and autonomy. The recurring refrain, “How I wine pon you / The way I wine pon you,” speaks to her desire to assert control, a theme further emphasized with lines like “Be like a museum, got you looking, boy you can’t touch”.

10. Say So

She flexes her distinct style, effortlessly straddling the line between rap and R&B while serving up a groove smacking of 70s disco vibes. The lyrics dance around a narrative of romantic chemistry so electric it leaves one craving validation, visibility, declaration. She’s urging her love interest to drop the act, the shyness, and to express their feelings for her openly, whilst maintaining a playful tone, never straying into arrogance.

9. Vegas

This joint rests on Doja’s impressive vocal range while channeling a more retro-vibe reminiscent of the iconic Elvis era. The song is a captivating narrative that mirrors the lavish and vibrant life of Vegas – “The King’s” playground. The theme of love, loss, and life’s many gambles intertwine expertly as Doja sings: “Put my heart in the jackpot, I didn’t know you held the dice.” This line echoes the common comparison between the unpredictability of love and the chance nature of gambling, lamenting how one can be blindsided by a partner’s duality.

8. Boss Bitch

This club-ready jam takes listeners on a sonic joyride with its punchy basslines, electric synthesizers, and Doja’s snappy, agile flow. The song packs a powerful punch, with the LA rapper unapologetically owning her prowess and laying bare her hunger for success. Her wordplay is whip-smart and her delivery, ferocious, embodying the very spirit of the assertive, unstoppable woman. The chorus punctuates the tracks with its knockout blow: “You know who the baddest be? / Can’t touch this ’cause I’m a queen”.

7. Need to Know

Drenched in a futuristic aesthetic, both in its neon-tinged music video and its lyrics filled with sci-fi references, Doja weaves a narrative of seduction and anticipation – painting a picture of a woman who knows exactly what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it. On the surface, it’s a bawdy romp, but beneath lie progressive implications – a reclaiming of sexual agency in a genre often dominated by male narratives. “Need to Know” is thus a step forward in the evolution of Doja Cat as an artist – one who deftly balances the scales between unabashed sensuality, assertive femininity, and refreshing honesty, no holds barred.

6. You Right

Featuring The Weeknd, the song traverses the familiar territory of a forbidden love affair, underlining the power of desire despite being committed to someone else. Doja’s sultry voice pairs perfectly with The Weeknd’s smooth vocal delivery, creating a seductive aura that permeates the entire song. The lyrics in “You Right” exude a raw honesty, showcasing the complexity and contradicting nature of human emotions. It’s a tale as old as time, reimagined through the lens of Doja’s unique style and personal experience.

5. Kiss Me More (feat. SZA)

The duo weaves a sun-kissed tale of youthful infatuation and sensuality, with a hook that’s as catchy as it is flirtatious. The song’s lyrics are an exuberant celebration of physical affection, with Doja and SZA beckoning their lovers for more intimacy. “Can you kiss me more? / We’re so young, boy / We ain’t got nothin’ to lose, uh-oh”, they sing on the chorus, their voices cascading over the sparkling, disco-infused production.

4. Streets

The track, a melodic blend of trap, R&B, and pop, features lyrics that are both vulnerable and assertive. She croons about this magnetic attraction to a lover, and how the pull is so strong that she feels drawn to him even in the streets. “Like you, like you, like you… I found it hard to find someone like you,” she confesses repeatedly throughout the track.

3. Woman

The track opens with an infectious Afrobeat rhythm, immediately setting tone for a global, genre-blending sound. “Woman” is Doja’s love letter to all women, as she sings about female empowerment, sexual liberty, and the strength of womanhood. Doja’s lyrical prowess is on full display as she praises women in all their glory, with “Woman” culminating as a celebration of women’s strength and authority, drawing on influences from different cultures to create a global anthem for female empowerment.

2. Agora Hills

The track is named after Agoura Hills in California, a nod to Doja’s pride in her roots and the environment that shaped her.

Doja flows on the beat with an undeniable ease, spinning a narrative that’s a blend of hard-hitting truths and whimsical wordplay. The lyrics teeter on the edge of introspection and braggadocio, painting a picture of her unique journey in the music industry and the tough exterior she’s developed as a result.

She throws down lines like “I’m from Agoura Hills, where they trigger happy / Real cruddy, ninety-five hunnid cats / Confetti throwin’ heavy, met Gala my cat / I’m ready, tryna get in, knock me down, ratatat”

Confident and unapologetic, Doja navigates the song’s heavy bass and punchy beats with precision. Each verse contributing its own vibe to the overall composition, making “Agora Hills” an unmissable banger on your hip-hop playlist.

1. Paint The Town Red

The track opens with swirling synths and pounding bass, setting the stage for Doja’s unmistakable flow and hard-hitting bars. It’s a bold proclamation of her status in the game, a confidently delivered manifesto of her artistic intent.

Lyrically, the song is a powerful expression of her artistic freedom and a celebration of her unique voice in the realm of hip-hop. Lines like “I’m a queen, got the crown to prove it” serve as affirmations of her place at the top, while others like “paint the town red cause we just hit a lick” encapsulate her dynamic spirit and unabashed tenacity. The recurring motif of ‘painting the town red,’ a phrase frequently used to denote riotous fun or celebration, establishes the track’s central theme – the celebration of self, success and the relentless pursuit of enjoyment.

In “Paint The Town Red“, Doja Cat crafts a sonic mural of self-celebration and rebellion against conformity, painting her own portrait of success in hip-hop. The track is a testament to Doja’s artistic evolution and her unapologetic embracement of her own dynamic progress.

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