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A List of 150+ Little Known and Interesting Hip Hop Facts

Did you know that Nas inspired 2Pac’s “Me and My Girlfriend”, or that Eazy-E got paid every time The Chronic sold, or that DJ Quik was a suspect in Biggie’s murder?

Did you know that Q-Tip played a huge role in shaping the sound of Mobb Deep’s classic ’95 album, The Infamous, or that Jay-Z’s debut record appearance was back in ’86, or that “Protect Ya Neck” only cost the Wu-Tang Clan $300 to record? How about the fact that Kendrick wanted Nas on “Sing About Me” or that Ice Cube originally wanted Dr. Dre to produce AmeriKKKa’s Most Wanted?

Here on Beats, Rhymes & Lists, our goal is focused on documenting and celebrating hip hop history. Below is a (growing) list of little known and interesting facts that any hip hop head would love to check out. We’re going to continue adding to this list so make sure you keep checking back on this page for the latest updates.

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